About Us

Evolution Vapes was created in 2012.

After Stephanie successfully gave up smoking using these very new devices. Back in 2012 there was no vape shops. The devices were sold in few petrol stations. She quickly saw a business opportunity. Because like many others Stephanie struggled to give up smoking and was incredibly surprised that these worked for her. Stephanie left her job in Property Management, and made a huge step to set this business up.

The main focus in the early years was to build a customer base and source the best products on the market. This was quite difficult in the exceedingly early years as the leaders in the manufacturing were starting out and some products were not great. Over the course of the next few years, we had discovered a few brands which I had trusted and that were well manufactured. While building the knowledge of the market and the products, the shop had moved locations. From a single counter stall in a shopping centre in Culcheth, then to a new retail space just off Duke Street in St Helens, from Duke Street the shop was moved to North John Street, in an exceedingly small shop which we outgrew within weeks. Gradually over the course of the years Evolution Vapes has occupied 3 premises on North John Street and finally resided on the corner in number 50. Each move has been to expand the business and accommodate the demands of the large customer base which has been built over the years.

The ethos of the business is offer customers the best service possible and offer them an honest guide through each product we sell. We do not have sales targets or have any pushy sales tactics. We match what we believe will be the best products for the customer. We aim to be the cheapest we possibly can be without compromising on the quality of the products or our services. This ethos has worked as we still have many returning customers from 2012.

As challenges are put in our way, especially during  Covid our Ethos had remained the same. The business is still owned and run by Stephanie. We have grew to be a team of 6 people, working in the shop focusing each on different areas.

We are now looking to grow the business further and expand, into various different avenues within the industry.

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