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First released with the Speeder 200 Watt Starter Kit, Aspire Athos Replacement Coil Heads have a format similar to SMOK’s TFV8 Baby atomizers. These replaceable coils feature multiple individual cores, each packed with pure organic cotton. The multiple core design vastly increases airflow through the coil matrix. While the increased airflow maximises cloud production, the organic cotton promotes deeper flavour.


The number of cores is indicated in the product name: ‘A3’ for the tri-coil head, ‘A5’ for the penta-coil head etc.


The Aspire Athos A3 coil head has a resistance of 0.3 Ohms and features Kanthal coil wire. Aspire rate this coil head for firing between 60 and 75 Watts. The A3 model produces thick clouds with great flavour, without consuming too much battery power or e juice.


The Aspire Athos A5 coil head also contains Kanthal coil wire. This coil has a resistance of 0.16 Ohms and a rating of 100 to 120 Watts. The A5 penta-coil head delivers tremendous cloud density and volume. With wide open airflow, this cool-running coil delivers a warm vape at high wattage settings.



1x Aspire Athos A3 or A5 Replacement Coil Heads


Aspire Athos A3 & A5 Coil Head Features:

Replacement Aspire A3 or A5 Coil Head

Multiple, single Kanthal coils in a 3 or 5 core matrix

The A3 coil head has a resistance of 0.3 Ohms

The A5 coil head has a resistance of 0.16 Ohms

Wicked with deep layers of pure, organic cotton

Dependable Aspire design & performance

Choose the A5 coil for serious cloud chasing

Choose the A3 coil for more economic clouds & flavours

100% Authentic Aspire coil head



Compatible with the Aspire Speeder Starter Kit & Athos Tank

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