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Mix & Match 4 Bottles for £10, discount applied in the shopping cart

New Flavour added to the Vampire Vape Range!

Refresh your palate with the taste of All Day Grape. Sweet and juicy grape flavours followed by an intense ice-cold after taste, perfect for those who love a fruit and menthol hit. This exclusive concoction is a strong all day vape contender.

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Mix & Match 4 Bottles for £10, discount applied in the shopping cart

Appleicious – Nostalgic sour apple that gives you a throwback to the luscious sour apple straws.

Attraction – A mixture of shiny red berries & dark fruits combined with a chilling menthol twist

Berry Menthol – Juicy mixed berries bursting with the purest crushed menthol crystals

Black Ice – The classic Blackjack mixed up with an ice menthol blast, creating possibly the hardest hitting flavour of them all.
It is advised you use a glass tank!

Black Jack – The sweet yet smooth flavour of the tuck shop favourite that will throw you in at the deep end of your favourite childhood memories.A perfect sweet treat with a retro flavour. It is advised you use a glass tank!

Blackcurrant – There’s no need to struggle unwrapping these wonderful blackcurrant chews, so magnificently berrylicous it will blow your mind!

Blood Sukka – Blood Sukka comes with one hell of a bite, a combination of cherries, berries, red fruits, sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol

Blueberry – A wonderful flavour that tastes like it’s just been hand-picked. Subtle fruity flavour on its own or great mixed with cool menthol

Bubblegum – This fruit explosion will take you right back to your favourite summer memories. Unlike the real thing, this won’t run out of flavour!

Catapult – Propel your vape with Catapult, the blackcurrant and summer fruits fusion with an icy cool hit. The dark fruit blend is bold in flavour, offering a sharp berry blast followed by intense menthol hit.

Caribbean Ice e-liquid is a fresh, sweet flavour. Tropical juicy mango has been skilfully blended with refreshing coconut and mixed with an icy menthol kick. This chilling exotic fruit fusion with a long lasting aroma has been replicated perfectly with an intense kick from first inhale right through to the after taste.

Charger – Entice your taste buds with Charger, the red fruits, berries and citrus bodied juice with a cooling aniseed hit

New!! Cherry Breeze – A smooth taste of dark cherries with a cool menthol undertone

Cherry Tree – A sweet & juicy wild cherry flavour direct from the juiciest tree in the forest

Cool Red – The retro Red Lips flavour, but this time there’s a cool breeze in the mix. Sweet cherry mixed with cool menthol to give you a cherry fresh feeling

Crushed Candy – Crushed Candy is a unique tasting e-liquid, featuring a divine fruity mix that will take you to another level. The delicious fruit blend of strawberries and watermelon is delightfully sweetened with bubblegum

Dawn – A mixture of the darkest fruits of the forest, with a refreshingly cool kick. Perfect for the Heisenberg lovers

Dusk – A fruity pink raspberry lemonade fizz

Grape – NEW !!! Refresh your palate with the taste of All Day Grape. Sweet and juicy grape flavours followed by an intense ice-cold after taste, perfect for those who love a fruit and menthol hit. This exclusive concoction is a strong all day vape contender.

Heisenberg – A top secret recipe that can only be described as the daddy of all day vapes. A fruity undertone and a cool crystal after sensation that will leave you wondering what it is… and wanting more

Ice Menthol – The godfather of cool flavour. Minty, cool and refreshing. Perfect on its own, or mixed with another flavour to give it that desired cool kick.

Param Violets – Stack ’em up and crunch down on the powdered joy of the traditional Parma Violets flavour.

Pear Drops – A true throwback to the classic pink and yellow boiled sweet. Mouth-wateringly juicy pear with a sweet kick. It is advised you use a glass tank

Peppermint Rock -Every Northerner’s childhood memories brought flooding back to life with this traditional sea-side favourite that is peppermint rock

Pineapple – A fruit lover’s dream. This tropical pineapple is so fresh and tang, you won’t find anything quite like it.

Pinkman – A flavour that will make all you fruity vapers wonder why we didn’t make this sooner. A mouth-watering fruit explosion on your taste buds is about to erupt!

Pinkman Ice Pinkman Ice is a blend of red fruits infused with an icy blast.

Raspberry Sorbet – A brilliantly crisp fresh burst of the tangy raspberries, sure to make you go wild!

Rhubarb & Custard – The mother of all boiled sweets. A warm welcoming custard partnered with the sharp tangy taste of the red rhubarb

NEW !!Rhubarb Crumble – Just as the names says, it’s Rhubarb Crumble to a tee. This e-liquid perfectly replicates the baked dessert, giving a sharp rhubarb hit with a warming crumble bake.

The sweetness of the rhubarb is swiftly followed by the sharp tanginess of the fruit which is further enhanced by the crumble topping. It’s a simply divine as it oozes wholesome, sweet flavours

Sherbet Lemon – A sharp sherbet taste entangled beautifully within the awesome tangy lemon flavour.

Smooth Weston – An old school tobacco that’s perfect for the true tobacco lovers.

Spearmint – A sweet minty flavour just like classic chewing gum, except you wont be lacking the cool hit anytime soon

Strawberry – The fruit of summer. A real classic flavour that you just won’t be able to keep away from

Strawberry & Kiwi A perfect take on a classic collaboration of succulent strawberry and juicy kiwi

Strawberry Milkshake – A classic creamy strawberry milkshake blend that will hit you with a bang

Sweet Tobacco A classic light tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness

Tropical Island A totally tropical explosion that creates one of the juiciest tastes of all!

Vamp Toes A twist on a classical cordial that’s sure to hit the spot. Perfectly fruity and delicious – tastes nothing like a vampire’s toe

Vanilla Tobacco Vanilla Tobacco is a subtly sweet tasting e-liquid. The tobacco is light and refreshing with a smooth vanilla element.

The combined flavours give a refreshing and bountiful vape that is perfect for those who love smooth tobacco flavours

Watermelon A sweet and juicy watermelon, a real hard hitting fresh blast.



Please note PG/VG ratio differs for nicotine strengths:
0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg & 24mg nicotine strengths – 60PG/40VG
3mg nicotine strength – 50VG/50PG

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